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Sarah and Greg – Beloved

At Sarah and Greg’s Wedding, I decided I had to finally do it. Several weeks ago I received a lovely wooden box from the adorable, talented, philosophical Jesh de Rox. It contained beautiful things that had the ability to evoke pure terror from someone as fearful of being vulnerable as myself. It was an invitation....

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Brittany + Ryan

I had such a fun day with these two… we weren’t able to make a full day out of it due to their schedules but these two are so fantastic that I didn’t care! Brittany wore a little black vintage dress that belongs to me that quite frankly, I’ve been DYING to put on someone!...

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Christina and Mike are Getting Married!

I met the lovely Christina about 2 years ago when I did a shoot for her and her sister as a gift to their family. And I DISTINCTLY remember her telling me as she left ‘when I get married I am DEFINITELY going to call you!’ Well, I guess the first thing we know about...

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