Honey, I’m a New Yorker

We had quite a brief yet eventful trip to NYC including a not-so-fun experience with our Hotel. While my New Yorker was somehow totally MIA, My makeup artist pulled out her inner New Yorker with ease (we’ve both lived there but I only lived there briefly). We were still having trouble so I pulled out the big guns. My New York City client! I didn’t want to bother her with our little mishap but it became clear that we had to do… something. So I called her up and said ‘give ‘em hell girl!’ Her response? “Honey, I’m a New Yorker”. Yeah, she rocks.:)

So what started on shaky grounds ended up being one HECK of a fun photo shoot! As our gorgeous client was getting dressed to leave (coat, hat scarf, the works) she suddenly had a huge smile and then exclaimed ‘I’ve never felt this sexy in my LIFE!!!’ and proceeded to bounce up and down like a giddy schoolgirl. Which then got all of us into a state of giddiness also and we became three grown women jumping up and down, clapping and giggling like idiots. I love my job.

08IMG_1756 copy


06IMG_1624 copy

05IMG_1328 copy





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Carlos - Danielle, saw your post in DWF and decided to take a look at your work…WOW.
Your use of light and your posing is fantastic. The woman above is gorgeous; you capture so many moods and poses in such a great way; I bet she was delighted. Thanks for sharing, great stuff. Happy New YearJanuary 2, 2010 – 3:21 pm

Tim Halberg - seriously LOVE your work! would love to have you photograph my wife someday!!!!January 5, 2010 – 2:31 am

lifelove - I’d love to Tim and thank you! I’ll be down in LA on the 21st of February for a shoot, so I have the 22nd available if you’re interested!January 8, 2010 – 12:11 am

Heather - Danielle, I love your work. This shoot is gorgeous! WOW! Great job… what a client!January 14, 2010 – 5:59 pm

Debbie - We are over in the US next year and I am booking in! This lady is super gorgeous and I think I could do this for my husband too!January 16, 2010 – 11:15 pm

Natasha - Beautiful work. I love this model’s hair. Beautiful artistry all around.January 18, 2010 – 11:35 am

Martin Comiskey - Danielle, your work is fantastic. This girl is beautiful. You’re an inspiration to us all.January 28, 2010 – 8:42 am

Veronica - This shoot is amazing love it!January 31, 2010 – 5:34 pm

Cari Chee - What an awesome session, and what a gorgeous model! It looks like you both had an amazing time.February 1, 2010 – 7:52 am

lifelove - I love how everyone keeps calling her ‘model’! You can’t buy that kind of self-esteem boost!February 1, 2010 – 7:00 pm

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